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Water is the most important factor for the survival of mankind. It is a finite resource which needs to be dealt with utmost care. WIth the everincreasing trend in population, the per capita availability of water throughout the world is getting diminshed day by day. This water crisis is mainly driven by population growth.The term has been applied to the worldwide water situation by the United Nations and other world organizations. The major aspects of the water crisis are overall scarcity of usable water and water pollution. Philanthropists have predicted that if ever there could be another World War, it coud only be a fight for water. Such is the importance of water. Such a precious resource is becoming scarcer due to mismanagement of the available resources, which is leading to a water crisis. The Hydrology Project tries to address this most critical issue of mankind.


Rainwater harvesting is the gathering, or accumulating and storing, of rainwater, which otherwise gets wasted as runoff. Apart from the meagre percentage of rainwater that gets infiltrated into the deeper zones, most of the rainwater gets wasted. WIth increasing urbanization, the percentage of open earth available for rainwater to infiltrate is getting reduced consistently. In order to mitigate this wastage of precious fresh rainwater, rain water harvesting methods have been deviced to induce artificial recharge of the ground water aquifers. The harvested rainwater can either be stored in the ground water aquifers or can be stored in huge containers for reuse, .With consistent vagaries in monsoon and sudden downpours of heavy rainfall in short durations, which do not permit gradual seepage, rainwater harvesting seems to be the only panacea to curb water scarcity.


Hydrology Project is being implemented by the Government of India with loan assistance from the World Bank since April, 2006, through the State Implementing Agencies, of which the Government of Pondicherry is one . The project envisages to develop a comprehensive, easily accessible and user friendly water information system, together with a Decision Support System, containing exhaustive information on water resources which would help the planners in devicing better water resources plans in future. The project aims at developing the information required in a standardized format throughout the country. International methods of data collection, latest measuring methods and equipments are being introduced in the project. Capacity building of the technical personnel involved in the management of water resources is aimed at.

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