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What is HDUG ?

In the setup of the Hydrological Information System (HIS), an active linkage has to be built between the output of HIS and the needs of current and potential data users. This will ensure that the output of the system remains demand driven on an ongoing basis.

Currently, the major users are:

  • Central government agencies
  • State government agencies

Future users are expected to be:

  • farmers associations
  • NGOs
  • large farmers
  • Industrial associations
  • private entrepreneurs
  • Other micro level users

It is in this context that each state has constituted a Hydrological Data Users Group (HDUG) with representatives from data users acting as members.

Government of Puducherry notification on HDUG

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Role of HDUGs

  • To provide a common platform for discussion for data users and  data providers on issues related to type and extent of data availability, location etc. that are required by a large section of users, leading to HIS policy formulation.
  • To create an awareness amongst users regarding the potentials and limitations of HIS and to educate them on the utility of HIS output.
  • To understand and analyze continuously changing needs of users from a macro level perspective.

HDUG Elligibility

HDUG is a state or national level representative group of current and potential users who have a stake in water resource assessment and management. This group may include representatives from:

  • all apex level government institutions (state or national level) vested with responsibilities such as water resource assessment and policy development, legislation and enforcement, tariff determination etc.
  • all second tier institutions involved with the development and delivery of use functions such as drinking water supply, irrigation, hydropower, navigation, shipping and recreation, large scale industrial water supply, effluent management etc.
  • institutions representing micro-level users such as farmers associations, water users associations, industrial associations, NGOs etc. and
  • all professional bodies engaged with operational, research and consulting responsibilities.

Hydrology data needs assessment

It is essential that an in-depth assessment of data needs of users in a macro context is periodically carried out and a feedback loop is firmly established between the outcome of the assessment and the design of HIS. The user needs do change over time and the effectiveness of HIS will be lost if there is no periodic review of utility of the data provided and changing needs of users. The HDUGs play an important role in this process.